Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zeos Libs dont work on 64 bits systems

Yes, i know. Please don't cry.
If you are a utopia code writer, thinking you can develop a terrific database system using lazarus + FPC + zeoslib on a 64 bits system, you are a dreamer!

I discover yesterday , 3 AM, in the hardest way, after ending migrating a Remobjects/DatAbstract server. It compile excellent, but ZEOS have a lot of bugs in 64 bits world.

So, my friend, keep dreaming theres a better world, or take the zeos code and bring it to the 64 bits universe (i'm checking right now how to help, and make it happens!)

After so many years with 64 bits on the market, you always will get a rock in the middle of your way, sadly.