Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I need a new hat

I was away for some time, moving my family to Santa Marta, Colombia, a beautiful place that nobody should stop visiting at least once in his life.

Many things have gone this month, but the main one is that my hat look outdated.

Actually I must stop using my hat to avoid legal implications because using that thing i'm saying something that is not true: CodeGear is no longer part of Borland but Embarcadero.

Then i think would be good if Embarcadero upgrade me to a new hat, so that some misinformed that see me running or footing in the beach dont will think CodeGear is part of Borland, wich do you think about it?

You know where I am Embarcadero, and i'm ready to carry it on my face no additional cost. ;)
BTw, Good luck and i hope that time you do things better.


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