Monday, May 18, 2009

New repo for FPC Stable version

Now you can select one of two options:

deb lazarus-stable universe

having fpc 2.2.4 and lazarus 0.9.27


deb lazarus-testing universe

having fpc 2.3.1 and lazarus 0.9.27

I have some troubles using fpc 2.3.1 , solved when downgrade to 2.2.4. If is your case, now you have a easy solution.



Unknown said...

Hi there,

The key has expired:
pub 1024D/46CC8C32 2008-10-16 [expirado: 2009-02-13]
uid Germán Pablo Gentile

What can I do then?

Thank you

Mario Bonati said...

I have this error:

W: Errore GPG: lazarus-stable Release: Le seguenti firme non sono state verificate perché la chiave pubblica non è disponibile: NO_PUBKEY 50610E5D46CC8C32

How solve it?

Tegoeh Boediyanto said...

key is expired, please post the new key.

Donald Shimoda said...

They key was updated, please check must work rigth now

Unknown said...

please tell me you have the src tarball somewhere..FP dev team has taken it down and this is only release I can get to build FPOS correctly with. They changed internals with 2.4.0 and my apps segfault(triple fault in my case) due to this.

would offer to mirror the fp2.3.x distro, i have the space and bandwidth as well as public keys to sign with.

Donald Shimoda said...

I don't get where is your problem. Do you know SVN? You can get ANY source from anytime. Then if you need a particular version just get svn, get the version needed and compile. Is done. The beauty of open source. :)


Unknown said...

still doesnt answer for the fpc_ internals being FORCED upon us. If you are Os deving, you are SCREWED due to this. Dpas32 cannot produce PE EXE output either, and its the closest 32 bit compiler Ive seen yet.

The key has expired, but the install works ok.