Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Devexpress will never support Firemonkey

After asking to staff at devexpress, they say will not support firemonkey while the API suffer of changes from Embarcadero.

That are really bad news to developer express customers and in particular to Delphi users.

 Sadly, we will not see in years a DX crossplatafform version at all. Not strange, after all even the .NET version of devexpress don't work over linux or mac. I bet for the same lack of e**s to take risk and support users.

I will have it in mind next time i click renew on my dx subscriptions, you see...


kmorwath said...

I fully support DevExpress decision. I'm not going to use FM in any of my Delphi applications (especially since I have no need to port them to the Mac), it is just a clumsy library delivering so-so interfaces and requiring great coding efforts, especially due to its unstable API.
I'm sure most DevExpress customers think the same way - rewriting all of those execellent components in FM would be a big investment with very little return, while stalling VCL development as Embarcadero did.
Same for targeting Mono in their .NET controls, they would be forced to target older .NET APIs instead of current ones delivering inferior controls for what? Mono is not a widespread commercial platform - MS.NET is.

AplíkmUj said...

You will not get the devexpress suite on FMX soon, very likely never. (Other will fill this gap very likely sooner)

I never heard of such an intention, but maybe a few specialized controls. Something I could imagine from devexpress too.

See FMX as something similar to WPF and VCL to Winforms. I don't like such comparisons, but those somehow match at the moment from the perspective of usage. Anything can grow from this but at them moment I still think people are not really aiming at something a lot different in the Windows world. Windows has never been about nothing but cumbersome change.

The paths will not cross in this way.

donaldshimoda said...


In the post are the reason you don't care about this, you don't understand the concept behinf firemonkey, and dont plan to use. Then you don't have the needed interest to talk about this topic.

OTOH, off course we don't want to DX migrate actual VCL library to FM! Who can think this is the idea? Are you crazy? My god...

Resume, you misunderstood the point: DX must offer a FM different library than vcl. And you talk for all the DX customers, where i am then? :P

Larry Hengen said...
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