Thursday, March 7, 2013

Embarcadero DROPS Anydac support Delphi XE also.

With all that noise on the line, we forget to comment this detail: you can't use FireDac on previous delphi version. The only version supported is Delphi XE3.

Several questions come to my mind.

For wich reason a company drop support not only to others pascal compilers , supossing they are a real competence, but to all delphi customers having previous delphi versions?

How can this not bring money to EMB? Why a Delphi 2010 or Delphi XE2 user CAN'T buy Firedac?

And what STOP THEM to do the same limitation on next versions and force us to buy the latest delphi IDE to continue using Firedac?

EDIT/UPDATE: As all you already knows, EMB put reverse to this and now support previous compiler. Congrats EMB.


Paul Thornton said...

This isn't actually the case. It is still possible to install in previous versions, you just need to add an extra parameter when running the installer.
For example, to install in XE2 add /IDE:DXE2.
I'm sure Embarcadero have a very good reason for not giving us easy access via the installer GUI (or not!?)

donaldshimoda said...

That information is public? is on the documentation? What is the point of this? I dont get it.

Alexandre Caldas Machado said...


I see you are really pissed off with EMB taking over AnyDAC. About this last post: Just think about it. A Delphi 2010 user is using its nice and good IDE for almost 4 years now, and just TODAY, after the take over, he wants to buy AnyDAC? Really?
Who is using AnyDAC with D2010 will keep using it happily. Of course the product AnyDAC doesn't exist anymore, so he won't get any further support. But I guess he won't need much anyway, unless new DB features show up and then he will have to upgrade. That's how things work.
MS bought Skype and now is killing Messenger in favor of Skype. Is it good for Messenger users? I don't think so...
I have never seen a company acquisition turning out to be good for old customers. It NEVER is. Face it and get over it!! ;-)

donaldshimoda said...

Alexande. good recomendation.

Radek Červinka said...

Now, you can buy FireDAC with any Embarcadero Delphi (not Borland Delphi) - see

and install it with command line switch

Radek Červinka said...

see -

PRODAT ERP said...

The problem is, you can't calculate with EMB.
AnyDAC was a fine developed Product, working with all kinds of IDE's, on Linux etc. The first what EMB does is dropping support and different features. The fist is not to bring a better product, the first step is "dropping" and irritate existing customers.
What they do next? Drop some DB-Support? E.g. drop SQLite or lets say PostgreSQL because its a competitor of Interbase and OpenSource too?
Next point is there useless IDE politic. We have SA for all our seats, paying each year. But we still use XE for production because on huge projects it's impossible to migrate every year to new buggy ide's. Now they drop XE support, a 3 year aged Product?!!!!!! Normally there should be bugfixes for XE to get a final and stable product!

William Meyer said...

Some pretty narrow vision here.

No, I can't install in XE, because I have not purchased an XE3 license. So parameters to the contrary, the door is closed.

I have been using XE since shortly before XE2 was released -- not yet two years. Yes, I was about to purchase an AnyDAC license, in support of a particular project. That option is gone. And nothing -- let me repeat, nothing -- in the XE3 product compels me to spend the price.

It is easy, and as seen here, all too easy, to write from the perspective that we should all be on XE3. But that's just nonsense, of course, with no foundation in reality. Despite the views of some here, there are still many people using D7. And I know of some corporate users who are on D6, and others on XE, and many of these with no option to move to XE3. You may understand it or not, and may mount all manner of arguments, but I worked in a corp a couple of years ago where we were still on D6, and management would not allocate funds to update. Welcome to the real world.

This policy from EMBT is a PITA. And, it will hurt them more than provide a reason for more sales, IMHO.

Radek Červinka said...

You can buy FireDac with XE. Read FAQ. See my previous comment.

William Meyer said...

Yes, I see now. However, the narrow vision remains. Do a search on for FireDAC, and it will not lead to a product page. Go to the online shop, however, and it is there.