Thursday, October 16, 2008

Repos lazarus testing version 0.9.27

Upgrade to repos and change of key

Add GPG key

gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 46CC8C32

Add to APT:

gpg --export 46CC8C32 | sudo apt-key add -

Check if key is ok

sudo apt-key list

sudo aptitude update

sudo aptitude safe-upgrade.



Friday, September 26, 2008

Using Logmein with Ubuntu 64 bits.

If you are a user of Ubuntu 64 and you need to acess logmein you will ahve a few problems because theres not java plugin for firefox working ok.

The open source plugins availables are incompatible with sun java or lack of functionalities.

On the other hand, Flash plugin work out of box in ubuntu hardy 64 bits.

After do a little research i found a simple method to get logmein working.

We will install a special version of swiftweasel, running 32 bits code inside a 64 bits OS.

1)Double check universe and multiverse repos are enabled, if dont just goto System -> Adminstration -> Software sources and enable them.

Pantallazo-Orígenes del software

2) Donwload that script, unzip and runit. More detailed instructions from the author here.

3) Choice your distro.

Pantallazo-germangentile@leslie-lx: ~-Documentos-Downloads-64 bits-ff32-3in1

4) Choice internet navigator.

Seleccionar navegador

5) Installing progress.

Instalando navegador Auto

6) Want install Flash? Is not a needed step, ubuntu install it rigth.


7) Install Java? Is required for use logmein.

Instalar Java

8) Install Mplayer Plugin? Recomended.

Instalar MPLAYER

9) The install scripts ask for your username

Pide tu usuario para poder instalar

10) Done. We have a 32 bits firefox running on our 64 bits system.

11) Install the logmein plugin for firefox.

Get it on the logmein web, labs section, aqui . Dont install the deb file, just save that.

Open a terminal , go to the place you save the deb file and type::

sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture logmein-client_1.0.387-1_i386.deb

Done, now you can enjoy using logmein in your 64 bits system.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lazarus testing repositories updated

There's new version in my repositories.

FPC version 2.3.1 revision 11736
Lazarus 0.9.25 svn revision 16526

The instructions on how to configure repositories here.

The code include support for TFrame.

To activate tframe support do the following:

Go to configure build lzaraus, avanced options, field options add:


build and enjoy.

I hope it help you.


PHP Toolkit available - Delphi or lazarus forms to PHP in a single step

It is gratifying to announce that is has released a set of automatic translation of Delphi applications to PHP, more specifically using VCL4PHP.

As the author of the same suggests, allows for three things:

1) Will automatically convert forms delphi or Lazarus to VCL4PHP, while retaining the same provision.
2) Convert Lazarus in a IDE for PHP.
3) Create extensions for PHP using language as pascal.

If you want to see a simple example of its potential diriganse to this site.

The homepage of the project is here


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I need a new hat

I was away for some time, moving my family to Santa Marta, Colombia, a beautiful place that nobody should stop visiting at least once in his life.

Many things have gone this month, but the main one is that my hat look outdated.

Actually I must stop using my hat to avoid legal implications because using that thing i'm saying something that is not true: CodeGear is no longer part of Borland but Embarcadero.

Then i think would be good if Embarcadero upgrade me to a new hat, so that some misinformed that see me running or footing in the beach dont will think CodeGear is part of Borland, wich do you think about it?

You know where I am Embarcadero, and i'm ready to carry it on my face no additional cost. ;)
BTw, Good luck and i hope that time you do things better.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Migratin from Delphi to Lazarus

Not to me on time, even to this boring, but again I got a challenge on my shoulders is really difficult to meet.

The fact is migrating an application to Delphi Lazarus is easy, by the way, but specifically this beautiful Delphi library im wornking on make a heavy use of Windows API messages...

Reviewing the steps to begin to migrate an application to Delphi Lazarus are very simple.

1) Create a new structure, independent of the one containing the Delphi application, so that you touches does not affect your Delphi application (is basic but very few do it).
2) For each Delphi project file (only for the dpr)

makepasx Proyect1.dpr

3) For each .pas file executes the following command

makepasx unit1.pas

4) For each delphi form execute this command

dfmtolfm unit1.dfm

5) Lazarus uses a resource file for each form, with extension lrs. To generate:

lazres unit1.lrs unit1.lfm lazres unit1.lrs unit1.lfm

Made. We already have everything we need to take the first step in our journey of 1000 miles (the more important).Now just compile and see what happens.

Usually some functions or calls vary somewhat between Delphi and Lazarus. It could put some of them here, but it makes no sense because they are many. Instead I will give you a way to resolve discrepancies in the simplest way, or by various methods that generally make me reach the correct result:

1) If you can not find an identifier or method just look in the sources references in the sources of Lazarus. Sounds silly? Is the simplest way, this way you can know that unit is defined and objects that use it.

2) If the identifier or method does not exist in lazarus, go to the forums Lazarus and looking for. Sure someone before you crash with that stone and found how to setp out ;)

3) If none of that works, the friend google comes to the rescue. You might try Lazarus discrepantname or add the word replacement, and so on.

Finally, as the case may happen in the library that attempt to migrate, that there are too many calls to the Windows API. In this case point 2 and 3 are generally much help.

4) Subscribe to groups Lazarus and fpc. Who better than those who have already been there can help you? Even if a feature is not suported they will help you to implement it and produce the miracle of Lazarus and fpc library get enriched. :)

In other deliveries i will comment about my progress in the conversion and as the problems were resolved.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ubuntu and Lazarus Screenshots

For people who wonder about what it looks like now Lazarus, first I present my Linux desktop, where live the best of Vista (if there is something) Mac and Linux. To say that that does not discriminate against anyone here. ;)

And to continue, as is the current version of Lazarus with all components of RemObjects installed.

I hope you liked.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 unstable at times.

There is evidence that with the combination of determined harwdware Ubuntu 8.04 (and also other distros) are causing the linux box freezes.

Some blame the new kernel (experimental version 2.6.24-19-generic) and anotthers to video drivers and the list goes on. I am convinced that is the kernel because there was no prior drawbacks.

What to do? Well, we know that ubuntu is unstable, at least more unstable than debian stable, so that nothing of serving complaints, better fill a bug report and rely on the willingness of the developers. It is always better to rely on closed source solutions, of course:)
So if you do not want to go through these issues simply taken because you'll be happy and (though perhaps outdated). For those of us who love the thrill and the risk will still shocks, as when everything grows.

But do not despair the solution is quite simple. Here the steps to follow.

Open a terminal window.

sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst

Find the line boot of the image that these running, we could well see

kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.24-19-generic root=/dev/md2 ro quiet splash

Reeplace it

kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.24-19-generic root=/dev/md2 ro quiet splash locksource=acpi_pm nolapic_timer nohz=off

Exit saving changes

Restart your Linux box already enjoy.
The crash of stopped and everything returns to normal.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Repositorios lazarus testing

Thinking about what it is sometimes difficult for beginner Lazarus install a Linux system, I've created some repositories to facilitate their work.

Here instructions.

Repository Lazarus / testing FPC versions

The version of Lazarus is the 0.9.25 revision 15753 compiled with GTK2 in ide and packages, which works perfectly in our labs (delphi 7 is a steroid): P

The version 2.3.1 is freepascal super testing, just to risky (though not confess has given us a single complaint, on the contrary)

Following the instructions.

Repositories Lazarus and freepascal testing.
There's no guarantee at all! Use it at your own risk.

Installation instructions:

Add the key GPG

gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys F93F2601

Add the key to APT system:

gpg --export F93F2601 | sudo apt-key add -

Check whether the key was built:

sudo apt-key list

Add the repository to its list of repositories

You can use synaptic or edit / etc / apt / sources.list directly. Add the line:

deb lazarus-testing universe

Install Lazarus

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install lazarus



Welcome to the parallel worlds of pascal

How's that? Simple, as I explain.
For those who do not know what Pascal is a language created by Nicolas Wirth with the specific aim to teach their students this wonderful world of computing.

He has spent a lot of water from the river since then. The only thing we can assure is that anyone who knows loves pascal.

This blog is intended to reflect present this powerful language in all its parallel worlds, as windows from OS to Mac OS X, microcontroller devices from servers to multi core.

Welcome to the party, you enjoy. ;)