Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Delphi Linux ARM compiler will never happens.

Is clear embarcadero care a sh*t about the voted issues... 

The more voted issued after 5 years 


... and they just remove Linux arm compiler of the research areas for the November/2020 roadmap, check yourself


And off course comments are closed. Well... RPI have no users, sure this is the reason to don´t pay the resources need ti get this working... Thanks Atanas! Great vision you have!

Today i feel is really time to move on, after 30 years with Delphi, the actual management is silly, closed vision, useless... Paying every year my subscription to get what? One IDE almost stable after 5 try?  

Sorry guys, Linux ARM compiler will never happen. The poor management in the world is in charge of EMB. Is time to move at fresh green pastures.  Never be more sure about this. 

Game over.