Thursday, March 7, 2013

Embarcadero DROPS Anydac support Delphi XE also.

With all that noise on the line, we forget to comment this detail: you can't use FireDac on previous delphi version. The only version supported is Delphi XE3.

Several questions come to my mind.

For wich reason a company drop support not only to others pascal compilers , supossing they are a real competence, but to all delphi customers having previous delphi versions?

How can this not bring money to EMB? Why a Delphi 2010 or Delphi XE2 user CAN'T buy Firedac?

And what STOP THEM to do the same limitation on next versions and force us to buy the latest delphi IDE to continue using Firedac?

EDIT/UPDATE: As all you already knows, EMB put reverse to this and now support previous compiler. Congrats EMB.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Embarcadero DROPS Anydac support for Linux

Embarcadero buy Anydac company and transform to Firedac product. They promise two weeks ago to ENHANCE this libraries, Dmirty Areiev (former anydac developer) also promise that. Great news right?

The bad news are old anydac customers, you lost! Fpc/Lazarus users you lost too! You have a linux server working with anydac? Sorry: Game over!

Sorry folks, I'm really shocked for that. We invested a lot of time on make anydac work for linux and nobody care, and nobody will pay for this.

Edit: You just can work with the old code from any dad, the future releases probably work, probably don't. your mileage can vary.