Sunday, February 21, 2010

DCPCrypt for 64 bits is here

The best library for encryption and decryption in delphi and lazarus is working in 64 bits now (Only in lazarus/fpc, while embarcadero don't release a 64 bits compiler).

Thanks to the amazing work of David Barton, library creator, we can get enc/dec at faster speeds using 64 bits.

You can download it here

Thanks David!


Edited: The project is now hosted in lazarus-ccr project. a unique code builds on both,32 and 64 bits. I dont tested the lazarus-ccr code.


Anonymous said...

I guess you didn't know about the Lazarus-CCR project on where the latest DCPcrypt code (for Free Pascal and Lazarus) is hosted.

For more information:

Donald Shimoda said...

I know the project, but dont see where is the 64 bits file for dcrypt.

i check the wiki and see the refrence to 64 bits, check the site, and still cannot find the 64 bits library...

BTW, i publish this because somebody on the lazarus check the wiki, check the lazarus-ccr site, and still dont find the 64 bits library file.

Donald Shimoda said...

I see, the new librarye package added on March- 2010. :) Great Graeme, edited the post to refelx the info.

Anonymous said...

Latest release (v2.0.4.1) was published today (per another request), but 64-bit support has been working for a few months now (at our office). I just didn't know where to publish the code.

Is your version of DCPcrypt only 64-bit, not 32-bit? I'll download your code on Monday and compare to see if any improvements could be applied to the code in Lazarus-CCR.

Donald Shimoda said...

Is not my version, is David version (creator of the library)


Unknown said...

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