Monday, December 23, 2013

My still not working stable enough, FireMonkey app.

In my previous post i comment about a recent app my company release.

This one is just a simple app in kiosk mode with a few screens, not very impressive if just ask.

The detail is this one have to consume a web services. The web services is implemented with Delphi using RemObjects library.

As i say before, i code and deliver this time using Oxygene because the Firemonkey pair app auto close alone after 2 to 3 hours working. No error, no chance to debug, no way to fix this.

In my last post i advice about have no time to test with XE5 update 2. So, just for the shake i test my FM app with update 2 and sadly, the results are the same. And i must add, now the process to debug seems a little more bad working than before.

I love to ear anybody else experiences with real world app and fire monkey. I see a few videos , one very impressive about capturing video on real time. The main point to me is stability and seems like Embarcadero is working there. Can we cross fingers for the next release?

In any case , in the meantime, i have to start another android project very complex and i believe cannot start with XE5 at this stage. It will be Oxygene 100%. The bad part is the UI design, but, again, Oxygene is a very pleasant tool to code.
I really hope XE6(?) give me the confidence im lost in FireMonkey.

If anybody have another experiences about this, im open.



Unknown said...

I read you first post and I must admit that I have strange problems with Android APPs using XE5.

I never used Oxygene, what do you suggest to me, learn to use the Oxygene IDE or just Learn the Java basics for Android development ?

Can you write an article "Java vs Oxygene vs Firemonkey" ?

I really need to start to develop Android app and don't know which language to use because my loved Delphi has a lot of problem with the Firemonkey Android implementation.

I wait for you answer.


donaldshimoda said...

@Jefry if you like java and the environment about Java then you can take the Java road and be happy.
I don't like at all, neither Eclipse, neither Android studio. I feel this tools very uncomfortable and the java language don't like me.
I love to work in pascal and the plus you will have learning to use Oxygene is you will have access to all the platforms it support.

I can't wait about this comparison, just can say you Oxygene and Firemonkey are very different concepts. As you see i prefer Oxygene because FireMonkey have a lot of caveats in this days, i hope it will be better on a near future.

With Oxygene you work with the standard API framework for the platform. You can paste java code with Oxydizer and this will be traduced to pascal, is pretty easy. And Gendarme always find your coding errors suggesting the better solution.
As i say, when i find a rock i just go google and search for a solution and find a lot of help from the Android community.

The only drawback, only with android, is the UI design, i suggest you find a standard UI designer for android (as droiddraw) and use it. Probably you find working on the xml *form* definition file as soon than you believe.

For Mac OSX and iOS it use the tools on XCODE so you have the better option, very native, very comfortable.

Hope that help.

Bob Devine said...

Hi Donald

I saw your question about the problem compiling uROBinaryHelpers and System.Variants. Did you ever find a solution?

Regards, Bob Devine