Saturday, July 4, 2015

Codetyphon 5.3 and Remobjects 8.3 : installation instructions

While i love to work on delphi side its lack support for some IOTs devices like raspberry PI, Beaglebone, and Linux mainly.

You have two options sit and wait for Embarcadero managers take the decision and release the long waited linux compiler (10 years of wait i think) or get dirty and try Lazarus.

Lazarus/typhon need to link statically all the packages you install and is very *sensitive* . The result a perfect compiled package will produce many times your typhon exe get corrupted and you need to start the process from zero.

Note from Sternas : 'If you try to rebuild experimental IDE, my suggestion is to save bin32/typhon.exe or bin64/typhon.exe first. If the new typhon.exe has problem replace it with backup typhon.exe'. Thanks for this easy tip! :)

After a lot of try and error process, here a guarantee (?)  procedure to install RO 8 on CT 5.3

If you already have a Typhon fide working start over on Codetyphone menu *Remove and Build Typhon BigIDE*.

Then open and compile every RO package ending with _ CodeTyphon   . Don't install!

Some packages reference RO standard packages (no CodeTyphon) just replace with the appropriate Codetyphon package version and compile.

On you need to disable RemObjects_UseEncryption adding a dot at first
or Remojtecs_Core will not compile.

{.$DEFINE RemObjects_UseEncryption}

If you plan to use Pascalscript just download from GITHUB site.

And copy the Add-on folder to


Remember to change missing packages with Codetyphon packages.

One time all is compiled restart the idea and go to Install Packages. Add all the RO/DA packages at one time.

Save and rebuild IDE.

Work done. You have RO/Da working on CT 5.3.


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